What is the TAZO Tree Corps?

Trees have the power to transform neighborhoods. They absorb pollution from the air, restore water quality, and improve mental health. They can even create more jobs.

Problem is, not all neighborhoods get to enjoy these benefits. Many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities, in particular, have fewer trees thanks to decades of discriminatory policies and practices.

That’s why we’re partnering with American Forests to expand on their existing work by launching the TAZO Tree Corps. By supporting a locally hired, paid workforce, we’ll take on the climate crisis through solutions centered on—and led by—BIPOC communities. Over the next two years, the Tree Corps will plant and care for thousands of trees in affected communities, starting this March in Detroit, Minneapolis, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The climate crisis is already here, but there’s a brighter future out there—we just have to plant it.

Who can apply?

Applicants for this year’s Tree Corps must be 21+, identify as Black, Indigenous or another Person of Color living in Detroit, Minneapolis, or the San Francisco Bay Area, and interested in tree maintenance and working outdoors. Check the full list of requirements to make sure you’re eligible.

How do I know if I want to be part of the Tree Corps?

Do you love trees, being outside, and have an interest in climate change and environmental justice? Then you’d fit right in. The program would also be great for anyone looking to explore a non-traditional career path with paid training and support. 


If chosen to join the Tree Corps, how much will I be paid?

As a Tree Corps member, you’ll be fairly compensated by our partners at The Davey Tree Expert Company. You’ll work full-time and earn well above a family-sustaining wage based on local cost-of-living standards.


Will I be employed by TAZO?

No, you’ll be a direct employee of The Davey Tree Expert Company in partnership with American Forests. Once you successfully complete the initial 2-3 weeks of paid urban forestry training, you’ll transition into a full-time Davey Tree employee.


Is the Tree Corps a full-time job?

Yep! All Tree Corps members will be considered full-time employees with The Davey Tree Expert Company. While you’re employed there, you’ll be eligible to receive great perks including 2-3 weeks of paid training, wraparound services including childcare and transportation assistance, medical benefits, and retirement.


How do I apply to join the Tree Corps?

Good question. Just head over to Davey Tree’s site and complete your application. Click HERE to get started.


When will the Tree Corps work begin?

We’ll kick off our 2021 cohorts this spring in three cities: Detroit, Minneapolis, and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re selected to join our inaugural group of Tree Corps members, Davey Tree will contact you directly with next steps.


What if I’m interested in applying to the Tree Corps in Richmond, VA or the Bronx, NY?

We’ll have more info to share about those locations in early 2022, so stay tuned!


When will I be notified if I’ve been selected?

American Forests and Davey Tree will review all applications. If you’re selected to participate, Davey Tree will contact you directly with next steps. Be sure to apply ASAP!


Will I get to meet SZA?

The short answer: We’re not sure! SZA’s a talented artist with a busy schedule, so while we won’t rule anything out, we can’t promise anything either. But if anything changes, we’ll let you know. Deal?


Who do I contact if I have questions about my application?

Feel free to reach out to our friends at Davey Tree directly using your preferred method below.

Email: recruiting@davey.com 
Phone:  1-877-411-7601
Website: http://www.davey.com

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