Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tea doesn’t naturally contain gluten, but we also do not perform testing to be able to claim gluten free on tea and herbals. Without specifically requesting and putting testing into place, we can’t guarantee gluten free from cross contamination.

  • The following products are organic:


    Peach Cobbler

    Peachy Green

    Organic Chai

    Spicy Ginger

    Baked Cinnamon Apple

    Organic Chai Latte

  • We recommend reading the ingredient list for up-to-date information on ingredients or refer to as well as SmartLabel (

  • Unsweetened Tea bags have no significant nutritional value. For all others refer to nutrition label, or SmartLabel (

  • Many of our products have no added sugar. We suggest that the consumer refers to the nutritional info when available as well as SmartLabel (

  • TAZO® sources tea from tea gardens located in the premiere producing countries of the world, such as India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and China. During the peak growing period in each region, TAZO® will evaluate thousands of samples. After this highly selective screening, only about one in 10 teas tasted ever finds its way into a TAZO® blend. To ensure that TAZO® blends retain a consistent  balance, only single-estate teas are bought, rather than teas blended at origin. To maintain quality standards, every tea used in a TAZO® blend is tasted up to seven times before reaching the consumer: at offer, upon arrival, during formulation, several times during blending, and after packaging.

  • TAZO® teas are blended in the USA, packed in USA & Canada.

  • Our hemp filterbags are neither biodegradable nor compostable (this includes the string and the tag). However, the tea itself is biodegradable. Customers who wish to compost their tea can tear open the sachet and compost the tea leaves and botanicals where composting services are available.

  • Our product shelf life ranges from 12 months to 24 months.

  • We have a range of caffeinated, decaffeinated and caffeine free products. Please see our products page to find specific caffeine level information per product.

  • TAZO® teas are decaffeinated using highly pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). Tea leaves are placed in a stainless-steel chamber to which liquid carbon dioxide is added. The caffeine, which has a natural attraction for carbon dioxide, is solubilized in a liquid form of CO2 and is pumped into another chamber where the caffeine is captured. The carbon dioxide is recirculated up to seven times until the caffeine is removed.

  • Consistency in the water temperature and the length of brew time is important when brewing a cup of tea. Bring filtered water to a boil in either a teapot or in a microwave-safe container. Once the water is boiling, pour it over the tea bag in another cup. If you are brewing a green tea, let the water sit for about 30 seconds after it boils. Steep the tea for the time called for on the carton (five minutes for black teas and herbal infusions, and three minutes for green teas).

  • Please find our iced tea items here, and refer to directions on product page. To enjoy our hot teas iced, brew the tea as you normally would, and then pour over a cup or pitcher of ice.

  • TAZO® is available at most grocery stores, mass retailers, natural grocers, and online. Please see our Where to Buy store locator to find specific products near you.