What is Camp TAZO “Zen” ? 

Camp TAZO “Zen” is an overnight camp for adults who want to unlock their creative potential. The RZA will help you reach creative enlightenment with his series of Guided Explorations. Expect to collaborate with peers, flex your creative muscles and be challenged by none other than yourself. And of course, reflect with some tea. 

Where is Camp TAZO “Zen” ? 

Staten Island, NYC. AKA Shaolin Land, home of The RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan. The RZA considers an island as the ideal environment to cultivate your creative spirit. 

When is Camp TAZO “Zen” ? 

The exact date isn’t confirmed, but it will be at some point in February 2020. 

What if I have to miss work? 

We think taking time off to explore is a good thing, but we also understand that it can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t receive any paid time off. To help out, we’re giving each camper a stipend to offset any financial burden that comes with taking time away from your daily routine.

How long is this camp? 

2 days, 1 night. 

Who can apply? 

Anyone who wants to explore and seek creative enlightenment. 

Who’s the Camp Director? 

The RZA.


Yes. He’ll be there. 

What will he be doing? 

To unlock your creative potential, The RZA will take you on a series of Guided Explorations. Think creative exercises, thoughtful solitude and collaborations. But a real teacher never stops learning. So, he’ll also be your student. 


It’ll make more sense when you’re here. We promise. 

How would The RZA like to be addressed? 

The following will suffice: Bobby Digital, ZigZagZig, Steelz, The Rzarector, The Abbot, Prince Rakeem, Bobby Steels, Prince Dynamite, Prince Delight, The Scientist. But the RZA works fine, too.

Will Alyssa Edwards be there? 

Every year, we host a different camp centered around a different TAZO blend. Last year, it was “Passion” with Alyssa. This year, it’s “Zen” with The RZA. 

How much does Camp TAZO “Zen” cost? 

Free. Yes, that includes travel. 

What should I bring? 

Bring your best intentions. An open mind is all we ask for. And a change of clothes. If selected to attend, we’ll send you an official list of what to bring.