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black tea
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black tea + apple + raspberry

Black tea and raspberry-flavored juice blend beverage from concentrate, with other natural flavors.

Tangy-sweet raspberry and crisp apple roll down a hillside of fragrant black tea leaves, then splash in a cane-sugar fountain. It's little diversions like this that remind them what a perfect match they are.

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black teas

black teas

Tazo gets most of our black tea from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

90% of all tea sold in the West is black tea.


Apples are said to have originated from a region between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

Apples are considered part of the rose family.


Raspberry comes in a range of colors including purple, orange, golden yellow, black and white. The most commonly used is the red raspberry.

Raspberry’s hollow core earned it the title of world’s most delicate berry.

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a tea infusion of (water, blended black teas), cane sugar, apple and raspberry concentrate juices, natural raspberry flavors, citric acid

So you can sip blissfully, we source naturally.